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  • The Little ACT Workbook - An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Michael Sinclair and Dr Matthew Beadman, 2016
  • The Happiness Trap, Russ Harris, 2008. A best selling introduction to ACT (also - The Illustrated Happiness Trap, The Happiness Trap Pocketbook, concise versions of the main text)
  • Activate your life - Using Acceptance and Mindfulness to build a life that is rich, fulfilling and fun, Joe Oliver, Jon Hill, Eric Morris, 2015. Develop your Open, Aware, and Active skills.
  • Living with the Enemy, Ray Owen, 2013. Coping with the stress of chronic illness using CBT, Mindfulness and Acceptance.
  • A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, Ruby Wax, 2008.
  • The Compassionate Mind Workbook: A step-by-step guide to developing your compassionate self, Chris Irons, 2016