Most of us know the changes we want to make to be our healthier selves but we often struggle to do things differently.

Over the 8 weeks, this workshop will enable you to understand why this is the case. We start with an informed and yet compassionate understanding of how our modern world environment works against us. Learn about the basic needs of the ‘cooperative primate’ and find ways to build patterns of practice that you can integrate into your daily life that will meet your ‘monkey needs’!

This workshop is designed to problem solve our finite resources of time, finance, energy…. these are things that we need to build changes around. The emphasis is on identifying and integrating small workable actions that can build into patterns and hopefully habits. This approach sees ‘failure’ as part of the learning process, providing opportunities to notice what happened and get ready with awareness for next time.

Personalise your steps for change with your ‘Wellbeing Matrix’ - an awareness tool, that trains you to bring you Values into your day to day experience and become more alert to what shows up and gets in the way of you doing the things that would make life better.

We use Metaphor to see things more clearly and promote change. Consider your ‘Wellbeing Garden’, which bits are being neglected, what are the ‘birds’ that swoop down and stop new growth?!

The workshops are practical and each session involves mindfulness based exercises so you can notice your ‘chattering mind’ and become more open to feelings or sensations that might want to take you off track from you pathway to wellbeing.

We draw on the brain science of Compassion and how taking the perspective of the Kindly Companion means we can more effectively coach ourselves through the tricky times and celebrate!

The Wellbeing Menu enables you personalise the group experience as you choose where to focus your attention but also promotes a holistic approach to wellbeing - creating the conditions for feeling better thus more likely to withstand life’s ups and downs.

Commit to weekly tasks to build patterns of change and log to share with group members. Every session includes a ‘Pattern Builder’ - one small change to integrate into your week.

Summary of the 8 Sessions

  • Session 1: Introductions, The Wellbeing Menu, The modern world habitat, The survival brain, Identifying your ‘fix it’ strategies
  • Session 2: Devise your own Wellbeing Matrix - Trains you to: notice, sort and choose - what is helpful and healthy as well as what gets in the way of this.
  • Session 3: Introducing Mindfulness skills - wake up out of autopilot, connect to your 5 senses
  • Session 4: Respond more flexibly to thoughts and feelings that send you off track - getting curious - responding not reacting
  • Session 5: The brain science of Compassion - the ‘Kindly Companion’ - coaching with courage!
  • Session 6: What Matters - using values as your compass and motivator
  • Session 7: From Values to action - Building Patterns from the Wellbeing Menu and trouble-shooting
  • Session 8: My Wellbeing Plan. Building resilience and going forwards

All sessions include Pattern Builders - or ways to integrate small steps from the Wellbeing menu into your week.

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